February Favourites

6. Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Caprice

2. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

3. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

This is a very easy to apply eyeliner. The tip is an angled pen which allows you to determine how thick a line you want. This eyeliner pretty much lasts the whole day so you don't really need to refresh it. Just a thin line over the eyes provides a perfect natural eye look to go with red lips!

1. Mac oil Control Lotion at Mac

This is a must-have for any woman I think. The colours are different depths of dark and medium so do try them on properly but once you get your colour you will never use another bronzer. It provides warmth and depth to the face and it blends very well, softening the makeup underneath. Overall, amazing product to pair with your red lips.

It has been such a long time since I did a beauty blog but since its February I thought I would share my favourite products for Valentine's Day!
I usually go for nudes or pale pinks but since we are in the month of Love, I have opted for Bright Red Lipstick! However, if your mouth will be so vibrant I would suggest to tone down or soften the rest of the face and select a heavenly seductive but floral fragrance. So I have selected the following products to complement my red lips:

This is probably one of the best buys of 2017 for me. I use creamy foundation so this powder not only adds a touch of matt but provides such a lovely subtle shine and contouring effect as well. Furthermore, it lasts all day which is always a plus.
To use it best, dampen a makeup sponge and apply it under your eyes down to the end of your nose and then blend it. For a very contoured look apply two layers and a dab on the tip of your nose. It will make you look flawless and glowing!

5. Giorgio Armani Rose d'Arabie fragrance

So this is a typical 1920s style red lipstick which is very soft and  hydrating. It stays on very well and is long lasting. It is the absolute right shade of red - not too saucy and not to formal. You can wear it during the day and still look very stunning with very little makeup.

4. Benefit They're Real Eye Liner

This is the perfect product to put under your makeup, especially if you have oily skin. Even if you don't, this keeps your face matt and the foundation fresh for hours. Despite being in a warm office all day, my face doesn't start "shining" anymore! It also helps to provide a smother finish to your foundation. I would highly recommend this!

I cannot recommend a better fragrance for the month of Love - it really is love at first sniff. It is not a light flowery/rosy smell but a deep musky rose, reminiscent of desert nights and fragrant evenings - a Damascus rose. It is mixed with oud which adds further depth to the fragrance. This fragrance screams sensuality and passion and instantly transforms you to an Arabian Princess when you wear it.  Highly recommend it, especially on Valentine's!!

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1. Mac Oil Control Lotion
2. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
3. Guerlain Bronzer
4. Benefit They're Real Eye Liner
5. Giorgio Armani Rose d'Arabie fragrance
6. Last but not least Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Caprice