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Finally, and most important of all, baby had a great time making a mess of the tea and the staff were very indulgent and understanding so thank you for that! They even gave us the left over cakes to take home for the little one!

All in all,  I had a great time and would highly recommend it.

 The staff were attentive but I think too many of them came over to take our order and somewhat things got lost in translation and we didn't quite get the specific sandwiches we ordered. However, to their credit, they quickly resolved the issue and gave us some yummy sandwiches made specially to our taste very quickly. Overall, they were very accommodating and pleasant.

We went to Café Royal for afternoon tea in the Oscar Wilde Room. It is situated in Hotel Café Royal in Regent Street.

The sandwiches were very delicious.  The cakes were nice but not great - simply because they were all creamy cakes and I think they should have had a variety of different types of cakes. In addition, they were a little too sweet for my taste.

The room is fabulous room with gilded gold and mirrors and wonderfully over the top décor! Apparently it has been refurbished in the same style as it had been when Oscar Wilde used to go there!

The scones were very soft and scrumptious and perfectly baked.

Afternoon tea at Oscar Wilde Bar, Hotel Cafe Royal, London