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The showcase of desserts is just divine and most taste amazing

Brewster's, Madinat Jumeirah

There really are a million cool places to eat in Dubai and they range from very cheap to ridiculously expensive though, in Dubai, cost is not really an indication of the quality of food. Here are a few selected eats from my trip:

Smoky Beach, JBR Beach Walk

 The menu is varied with something for everyone and the prices are quite reasonable. Would definitely visit again

True to its name, its an outdoor Shisha lounge on JBR Beach Walk. It is fairly chilled and has great atmosphere. Service is good and food is good. I am not a shisha smoker so I could only sit there for about 30 min before my eyes started watering! Overall, nice place if you can abide the smell!

Butcher Shop and Grill, JBR

Bubo Barcelona, City Walk

We sat inside but both outside and inside seating are really nice. The service was disappointing with the waiter helping us being very unfriendly and unhelpful.
The food was ok but if the waiter had helped us choose, it may have been more to our taste
All in all great atmosphere and desserts, ok food but bad service!

Overall average service but the food was way too fatty and I would say not really worth the price. The "fresh" juices were not quite fresh and I felt a little ill after eating it.
The Box Park is nice but not too lively so not really a great place to hang out
Wouldn't visit again

Jag Restaurant at Box Park

Love the colours and décor of the place. The contrast of blue and orange is great and so Spanish!

Brewster's is at the Souk part of Madinat Jumeirah. It is like an amalgamation of cuisines where they serve pasta, burgers, fajitas, etc. I have to say I had reservations about the quality of food but the fajitas and pasta we ordered were simply delicious. The prices are also quite reasonable. Highly recommend it and would go again!


This place is on the JBR walk. The staff are friendly and the food was excellent though I would have liked my brisket less fatty. I highly recommend sitting outside as it is really pleasant