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Outfits edit for Oakley Court.. Read more

Stratford-upon-Avon Story

This year, for Valentines' we visited the town of the King of romantic sonnets (amongst other things), William Shakespeare. It's a lovely little town and not too far from Warwick castle so you can do a lot there as a tourist. However, our main aim was to chill so we booked at the Welcome Hotel & more


Holiday Style

As  usual, I try to pack light when travelling so I mix nmatch a lot
So here is  a list of a few items I took with me to Cannes: more

Weekend in Newcastle

I only had two days in this lovely city so the review is very brief! On the whole, it is a beautiful city, with lovely buildings (mixture of old and new), great shopping and amazing food. I particularly like the fact that most of the restaurants are stand-alone or small chains and not large boring chains like every major city in the UK! Read more...

Other Destinations

Read here all the travel adventures.

Travels:  Venice Story

I only stayed for 2 days in this stunning city and as I have been to Venice before to see all the beautiful places, I decided to do a chilled out visit this year (with a 2 yr old!!) more


The Oakley Court, Windsor

My husband and I visited here for my birthday and we were very impressed. We spent a lovely weekend there so I. It was a very relaxing and beautiful night away in the Berkshire area. Read more...