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Outfits edit for Oakley Court.. Read more



Stratford-upon-Avon Story

This year, for Valentines' we visited the town of the King of romantic sonnets (amongst other things), William Shakespeare. It's a lovely little town and not too far from Warwick castle so you can do a lot there as a tourist. However, our main aim was to chill so we booked at the Welcome Hotel & more

Other Destinations

Read here all the travel adventures.

Travels:  Venice Story

I only stayed for 2 days in this stunning city and as I have been to Venice before to see all the beautiful places, I decided to do a chilled out visit this year (with a 2 yr old!!) more

The Cannes Story

The resort town of Cannes is probably the most well known town on the French Riviera. The Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes on the coast is lined with sandy beaches, designer boutiques, and luxury hotels so of course we decided to stay in an apartment on the Croisette.



The Oakley Court, Windsor

IMy husband and I visited here for my birthday and we were very impressed. We spent a lovely weekend there so I. It was a very relaxing and beautiful night away in the Berkshire area. Read more...


Holiday Style

As  usual, I try to pack light when travelling so I mix nmatch a lot
So here is  a list of a few items I took with me to Cannes: more

Things to do in Dubai