The beach is really nice in terms of atmosphere but because of all the industrial work around it, the water is far from clean and that was really disappointing. But at least the little one had a great time!

The staff are very well trained and knowledgeable about all the wildlife in the exhibit and are happy to discuss these with you. They were particularly attentive to helpful with my 2 yr old so thank you for that.

SO it was a shorter holiday this year in Dubai but here are the highlights

Downtown Dubai

Al-Naseem is the newest of Madinat Jumeirah Hotels. It is a very pleasant and beautiful hotel and though we didn't stay there we did go for a day to use the pool facilities and to have lunch (it was too cold for the beach).

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Beach and beach walk

They have an arts and crafts area which doubles up as a place for feeding the sloths so great entertainment for the kids. Definitely a must-go!

Overall, the service is excellent, the facilities are amazing and we had a fantastic time so will definitely book a stay in the future!

Don't forget to get some Hawaii vibes by getting fresh coconut water along with a floral garland from the street vendors!

You really feel like you have entered a lush green forest with colourful animals and birds and it feels like a little tropical paradise!

In Downrown Dubai, this is one of favourite places in the city. With its array of restaurants, the Dubai Fountain Show and of course Burj Khalifa, this spot cannot be missed when you are in Dubai

Box Park, Dubai

Definitely a must-go if you are in Dubai.
If you are with kids, Level Kids is definitely worth a visit for some designer kids goodies and the really sweet toyshop  upstairs.

A great outdoor shopping and restaurants area in Dubai. It has shops, a movie theater, playgrounds, entertainment for the whole family and a variety of restaurants.

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It has a wide variety of restaurants but it was really dead and quite so not much of an atmosphere. I think adding shops will help. Just restaurants is kind of boring?

Jumeirah Beach Residence is amazingly lively place with the JBR walk and beach being dotted with great restaurants, shops and even a really cool market selling beachwear and summer accessories (including kids clothes!) That was one of my fav shopping finds in Dubai and I highly recommend a visit


Al Naseem Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah

We also stumbled on a small playground with lots of rides for kids (though pricey to be honest) and a merry go around so we really had one happy baby!

The Green Planet, City Walk, Dubai

This is an amazing interactive rainforest experience boasting all types of birds, reptiles, bugs , monkeys and even sloths, which you can feed at the end of the experience.

City Walk, Dubai

The Box Park in Dubai is a collection of shops, restaurants and cafes within shipping style container boxes, which make this place quite quirky and unique.