There are literally a thousand things to buy in Venice (not including the usual Designer stuff)
They have some beautiful carnival masks, jewellery (especially cameos and murano glass!), murano glass items, porcelain dolls, etc) But be VERY CAREFUL you buy authentic Venetian products rather than Made in China crap - seems a lot of these cheap souvenir shops have cropped  upo everywhere on Venice selling really cheap things with  very poor quality!

Do not forget the romantic gondola ride in Venice. It's expensive but sooo well worth it!


Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Shopping in Venice

This is the  oldest bridge in Venice with stunning views of the city. On the way up and on the bridge, there are many stalls and shops where .you can buy lovely souvenirs, though take care to buy authentic Made in Italy items not the cheap Made in China replicas (Yes it is very sad that there awful items are on sale in Venice!)  If you buy Murano glass items try and get the shopkeeps to provide you with a certificate. Most authentic Italian shops will do this and to be honest as soon as you pick up the item you can tell the differences in quality!

Venice Gondola Rides

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to go inside due to our tight schedule, but this basilica is an icon of Venice. It is a magnificent white church, probably as beautiful outside as it is inside. With stunning views of St. Marcos Piazza, this is a glorious Baroque building which contains works by Bellini, Tintoretto and Vecellio amongst others

Santa Maria del Giglio (Zobenigo) 

I wouldn't try the food in the restaurants on the piazza - they have good location and ergo not good food. Generally you find more authentic cuisine in the back streets. Same goes for souvenirs!

Ponte di Rialto

March is probably the best time to go - there were hardly any queues. You do not pay for entering but there are additional charges to go upstairs or visit the altar. The basilica itself is beyond stunning - I felt like I have walked inside a gold bar! It truly reflect the magnificence of Venice in the Renaissance period. The mosaics are flawless. Must see attraction in Venice though make sure you are wearing the correct attire!

The main square in Venice in Italy. The square is house to Basilican San Marco, Doge's Palace, the Clock Tower and the Belfry. I wish they would do something about the pigeons and seagulls though!!!


Piazza San Marco

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The exterior is breath-taking. We did not go inside, but the outside is well worth a good long look. The statues are exquisite on the church and the piazza is a nice relaxing place to chill in. Also if you are a shopper, there is a shop of nearly new designer wear carrying Chanel and Hermes opposite the church!

Basilica di San Marco 

I only stayed for 2 days in this stunning city and as I have been to Venice before to see all the beautiful places, I decided to do a chilled out visit this year (with a 2 yr old!!)