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This is one of the four hotels at Madinat Jumeirah Resort and it is beyond amazing. Thnaks to all the amazing staff we had a very pleasant and relaxing stay. They literally attended to our every need and even managed to find me a hard pillow because I don't like soft ones!!

There is a family pool and Sinbad Club for kids where baby spent hours! (yes hours each day!) Again, the staff at the club, pool and beach were very welcoming and helpful.

Madinat Jumeirah at night

Baby enjoyed every minute of her holiday!


The pool at Minalsalam Hotel was my hangout - quite and chilled!
The souk at Madinat Jumeirah has some lovely jewellery, ethnic wear, oud, and Arabian antiques and handmade crafts

My only criticism is that the staff are although very polite to the guests, they were a little abrupt and rude to my guests, which was very annoying. In addition, another guest was incredibly rude to me asking me to get off a buggy (for no apparent reason!) and the buggy staff just stood there not even trying to manage the situation - is it just bad training?
I would like to go back but I think they could do with training the staff better to manage difficult situations.

We alternated between the four breakfast restaurants and the food at each one was delicious. I really like Khaymat Al Bahar restaurant where the Lebanese cuisine is cooked to perfection and they have a juice bar where you can order literally any juice you want!

The food was also very average, cooked in a hurry and rather tasteless. The staff are not on par with other hotels in terms of training. I found them both inattentive and not rude but not really bothering to smile or engage with the guests.
So, unfortunately, not one to go back to!

We stayed at this hotel for one night but I have to say I was quite disappointed. The hotel itself and the rooms are very pretty but the pool and beach are very average. Also, due to the building works on either side of the hotel and opposite the beach, you feel like you are swimming in industrial waste. I only went in the sea for 5 minutes. It was very uncomfortable. Pool was a lot better and I spent most of the day there

The beach was stunning, clean and just completely relaxing. I could live on that beach!